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Articles - Phoenix Articles - Hawaii     Oahu Map
   w Oahu's Unique Neighborhoods
   w Living in Paradise - A Newcomer's Guide
   w Home Sales Break Record
   w Volcanoes National Park to Grow 50% Percent
   w Luxury Home Sales Surge
   w New Home Business Booming on Oahu
   w Resort Home Sales Set Record
 w Why Valley Won't Get Soaked by Hsing Bubble  w Military Could Bring in Billions
 w West-Side Boom Just Beginning  w Mortgage Rates Likely to Remain Low
 w Home Affordability Keeps 1st Qtr Sales Soaring  w Many Rush to Refinance Homes
 w Major High-Dollar Developments Change Valley  w Pricey Real Estate Selling on Big Isle
 w Low Interest Rates Keep Home Sales Strong  w Home Resales Increase
 w Phoenix Resale Market Surges on  w Honolulu Leading Real Estate Index
 w Phoenix Housing Market Continues to Shine  w Hawaii 30-Year Mortgage Rates Hit Record Low
 w 1st Qtr 2003 Resale Market Sets Record  w Neighborhood Snapshots
 w 2002: Banner Year for Greater Phoenix Resales  w Home Sales Hit Record
 w Investments in Housing are Smart Haven  w Aquarium Deal Spurs Ko Onlina Development
 w Buyers Flocking to Buy in Pinal County  w Mixed-Use Complex in Developer's Plans
 w Buyers Not Scared Away by Escalating Prices  w Tech Execs Promote Hawaii to Silicon Valley
 w Value-Seeking Buyers Move Farther from Core  w Super-Rich Plow Millions Into Big Island Economy
 w Northrop Moving Division's Operation to Tempe  w Boomers Base Buying Decisions on Lifestyle
 w Home Values Remain Strong in NE Valley  w Mortgage Rates Set Record Again
 w Central Corridor "Special" for Homes  w Mortgage Rates Drop to Lowest in 40 Years
 w '02 Home Values Up In Valley  w Honolulu Single-Family Buy/Sell Indicator
 w Homeowners Relish Rising Values  w Maui Homes Hit High
 w Graphs: Valley Housing Breaks All Records  w Home Sweet Second Home
 w Graphic: Plans Carved for NW Phoenix, Valley  w Home Prices Up and Away on Oahu
 w Housing Market Hits Record  w Ko Olina Resort Hotel on the Way
 w Phoenix - Construction Quality Varies Widely  w "Name" Chef Opens Restaurant in Ko Olina
 w Rates for 30-Year Mortgages Hit Record Low  w Housing Prices Best in a Decade
 w Buyers Market Hot for Arizona Home Sellers  w Baby Boomers Reversing Era of Debt
 w Northeast Valley: Moderate Homes Hot  w BayWest Investors Like Hawaii's Real Estate Mkt
 w Salt River Tribe Plan for Development Corridor  w Neighbor Island Home Sales Keep Up
 w Valley Home Values Immune to Slump  w Facing A Tightened Rental Market
 w Home Prices Rising in Valley  w Washington Mutual Plans to Storm Hawaii
 w State's First Solar Subdivision Coming Soon  w New Homes Quickly Sold
 w Loop 202 / US 60 Traffic Interchange Project  w Chinese Tourism Leaders Seek Closer Isle Ties
 w Arizona Resale Figures up for 2002  w New-Home Sales Keep on Climbing
   w Home Sales Strong in January
Articles - Arizona  w Electronic Wizardry & High-Tech Condos
w AZ Home Businesses on the Rise  w Double-Refi's on the Rise
w Group Formed to Boost AZ Tech Industry  w Oahu Housing Sales Surge
w USAA N. Phoenix Expansion  w Affordable Rentals Grow Rare Statewide
w New Website A Business Aid  w Kauai Home Shortage Crisis Growing
 w Top 50 Builders - Complaint Records  w Single-Family Homes Sales / Value Charts
 w 100 Houses a Day: Special Report  w Dropping Prices Leads to Stable Inflation
w Homeowner Tax Write-offs Help Save  w Real Estate Looks at Best Year Ahead
w Redefining Retirement  w Still Time to Buy Real Estate Experts Say
   w Investors Eyeing Hawaii Properties
   w New Oahu Record for Home & Condo Resales
   w Senior Living Projects Booming
   w Honolulu's World Trade Center a Step Closer
   w Honolulu Warehouse Space Tightening
   w Graph: Islands' Single-Family Home Sales
   w Neighborhood Snapshots: Kailua & Mililani
   w Big Island Economy Shows Continued Expansion
   w Moving to Islands on the Rise
   w Hawaii's Cruise Ship Industry
   w Oahu Home Sales Rise 27%
   w Hawaii Jobless Rate Drops to 4.2%
   w Big Island Trade Hub Proposed
   w Oahu Real Estate Still Hot
   w Hawaii Housing Market to Continue Record Pace
   w Tourism, Construction Stronger as Year Ends
   w Businesses That Built Hawaii
   w Kona Boom & Big Island Truckers
   w Retiring Boomers May Strain Markets
   w Hawaii Global-Tech: Tiger in the Clouds
   w Honolulu Single Family Buy / Sell Indicator
   w Honolulu Still the Fittest City
   w Kauai Economic Rebound in Late 2002
   w A New Kailua - Kaneohe Ranch Remake Idea
   w 2002 Record for Home Sales - Pace Continues
   w Bidding Wars Frustrate Oahu Home Buyers
   w Investing in Hawaii High-Tech Increases
   w Graphic: Neighbor Islands Snapshots
   w The Honolulu Value / Price Model
   w Hawaii Home Prices to Increase 45%
   w Big Island Traffic Rebounds from 911